Triathlon Coaching


Graeme Stewart hill run

I work with a small number of athletes of all levels on a individual needs basis. There is no one size fits all approach and and there is no limit on contact time or input.

As a result of a busy lifestyle and cold climate my style has developed towards time efficient training with a lot of indoor work during the winter months. With my background in science I am continually learning and aim to be on top of any developments in training methods, nutrition and psychology. You will find I know things not taught on UKCC courses and have a deeper understanding of physiology and psychology than most.

I work using Training Peaks and e-mail as the main contact for data exchange and like to get as much feedback as possible updating training plans on a weekly or biweekly basis as appropriate with short term changes on a day to day basis possible or even likely depending on feedback.

Most other contact is by skype or phone but if you can get to me one:one coaching is also possible and you can find me poolside at the Dundee University pool 7-8pm Mondays and 7-8am Tuesdays

I specialise in training for triathlons and long distance triathlons such as Ironman but I am not limited to these.

If you are involved in any sport and need direction and focus I would be interested in hearing from you. Planning, quantification of training, process development and goal setting are areas in which I can help. I am currently developing tools specific for other sports so get in touch to see how I can help progress.

Basic fees are £120 per month for triathlon coaching but for other sports options are available depending on the work required. Get in touch for more information.

e-mail: (preferred)
skype: gxstewart
phone: +44(0)7917465690
twitter: imgraeme
facebook: imgraeme