The Lanzarote gamble

23rd May , 2016


Your 110k in the Lanzrote Ironman just come off the Harrier descent and as the cool clouds give way to the shimmering heat and dust the legs start screaming as you start to climb again to Mirador. Up ahead a figure is wrestling to get a wheel off , thank god that’s not you. Wait, is that Luc van Lierde?He’s waiving, he’s shouting now and wants your spare tyre. Yes it is, you better give him it, you wouldn’t give it to anyone but if Luc wants it, it must be important.

That was one persons story but not mine, thank you to that man that gave me his spare (please contact me if you read this I would repay you), thank you to Luc van Lierde the tech crew and all those that helped and supported me to finish the Ironman Lanzarote. This only goes to show I am in fact a very lucky person after all so don’t feel sorry for me not getting the result I wanted.

This could have been a story about how lucky I was to have carried enough spares and carried on to finish around the top ten in Ironman Lanzarote despite a flat. However I didn’t, I chanced my luck with tyre sealant, didn’t get away with it, got a spare that flatted also and then ended up loosing over 45min waiting for a tech van. I finished at a slow pace for training and to enjoy the day but am very disappointed not to have anything to show for my hard winters work (yet).

Bad luck of course but you can of make your own luck. Examples of how I could have done this better this year are:

1) Turn up several days before a race in case your bags don’t arrive like my recent race in Fuertaventura.

2) Carry spares that will allow you to finish in any circumstances. There is no need to test your luck in an Ironman, if nothing else 90k is a long walk back to the start.

So go make your own luck, I’ve tested mine this year too many times already and found it lacking so have learned a lesson and will not test it again. I’m delighted to have finished Ironman Lanzarote after having a great excuse to stop.

I would like to thanks the Jen and Bella for there support. I wont gamble with your hard work and sacrifice again.