NXTRI report preview

3rd August , 2015

NXTRI swim start 2015

What do you do for an exciting weekend away?

For me, there’s nothing more exhilarating than an on the rivet, head to head battle at the sharp end of a race. Add to that a four metre jump off a car ferry in to one on the most stunningly beautiful, yet harsh and demanding landscapes in the world and you have pure, fear for your life, magic.

Unfortunately, Norseman Xtreme triathlon, is not something you can book with Thomas Cook, neither is it something you can play on X-box or Playstation from the safety of your sofa. It takes years of hard work, planning and support to get in to a position to even begin this race so as soon as you get on the ferry you feel privileged and grateful to be a part of it and to be alive.

This is not an Ironman where 3000 athletes invade a beach in near total anonymity. Standing on the ferry you feel like you can look every individual in the eye, see the fear, excitement, trepidation. You have read the history and know the meaning of the race in Norway.

When the time comes to jump, the more you want it the closer you are to the front. In two years I have jumped 2nd then 3rd and only seen 3 people jump, Tom Remman, Henrik Oftedal and Lar Petter Stormo. My conclusion is there is a strong correlation between your jump position and your finish position. On the so called “brave jump” do the bravest lead the way or does respect for experience make you wait?

If I do it again maybe I will not see anyone jump, I will be the first to fall, the first to feel my heart in my mouth and the cold sting of the fjord. Then when the final leap comes, the one of faith and strength to take me to the summit of Gauststoppen maybe just I could be the first and see nobody in front.

Not this time, this time was not to be my day but would turn out to be a day to remember and cherish, one I may one day tell my children about but I think for now I’ll start with you.