Norseman alternative race report

26th August , 2015

There’s more to life than triathlon, going fast on a bike or trying to win races. I have in the past been a scientist and very nearly became a musician at one stage. I also enjoy cooking, eating and drinking and writing. So it may surprise you but I was inspired to do something more creative by my good friend David Hook who is a professional musician and far more talented in the rhyming department.

I hope you enjoy this poem and for those who find the accent challenging here is a transcript!

A big thanks to Robby at Cloudberry Media and John Clark for making it possible.

You ask me why I do the Norseman Tri?

For a wan’a be tough guy, it’s god dam must try,

As if the journey through life was not enough strife,

At some points I’ve felt lucky just not to get knifed.

From Airdrie to Eidfjord is a long way to walk,

But I was never one to follow the flock,

I rose to my potential the growth was exponential,

But now’s become essential to prove my TRI credentials.

In to the water and no there’s chance of a re-board,

The time has come to man up and become lord of this Fjord,

Swimming with my Norsemen it fills me with majesty,

But getting there first is the only winning strategy.

Then it’s time to hammer to the Hadanger,

You gotta push hard and need strong mental armour,

Climbing up Imingfjell, it feels like I’m in hell,

Don’t dwell, have a gel, I’ll get through this bad spell.

Then at last the final mile is in sight,

Oh shit, wait a minute, that mile is in height!

But there’s no stoppin’ on Gaustatoppin

And I’ll get to the top without my legs poppin’.

Then when alls said and done, it was quite an achievement,

Although at some points I thought it’d end in bereavement,

But with my Norseman companions, it came in my stride,

And now I’ll go home and wear my Black T-shirt with pride.