I’m not over that hill

4th January , 2016

Graeme Stewart Gaustatoppen

Over the last 12 months I have felt a shift in my motivational state. Almost as if I have finally recovered from everything I had put my body through while not just training for sub 8:30 Ironmans but moving house twice with Jen and us both changing career.

While 12 months ago I could have easily seen me hanging my wetsuit up by now, over that time I have had the feeling while I was training hard it was not as hard as it could be and there was something more there again.

While I know “what” to do at this stage, I am not doing it either as much or at the intensity I could. I feel committing 20+ hours a week on training and giving it only 90% is the greatest waste of time possible. Go big or go home it needs to be so I made the decision to get motivated and recommit.

So I have hired a coach, one unlike me that does not have pre-conceived ideas of what is possible for me and the experience of performing at the top level. I have been working with Bella Baylis for nearly 2 months now and while many of the sessions are familiar the consistency, intensity and focus has gone up by an order of magnitude and the performance is following.

I finally feel like I am training hard again and have the motivation to not take the easy path.

2016 I’ll train with more focus, more commitment but also race more and earlier. Don’t worry, I’m not over “the hill” Gaustatoppen by a long way.